Bass Player

A tube preamp  for bass playersimg BP

The Bass Player is a  high end preamp / overdrive designed for bass players.

It is powered by Ecc82 (12AU7 JJ Tesla) in 9 or 12v. It's hand made in the north of France.

No PCB, only point to point wiring, like it was used to on vintage hardware. This type of wiring has proved its reliability and accessibility.

More than a simple overdrive, the Bass Player is also a standalone preamp : you can plug it directly in the fx loop of your amp or in a DI box.

For all music styles

You have four knobs as settings : a gain, a bass, a treble, a volume and a "raw" toggle switch which bypass the tone stack. Two footswitchs, one input, one output and a 9/12v dc plug on the right side.

The left footswitch activates the pedal. The right footswitch is a boost.

As you can hear in the video below, the tube sound is immediatly perceptible, warm and rounded, on clean and dirty songs. It makes no doubt that all bass players will find an interest to this pedal.

Tube Player works in 9 or 12v. Power Supply is include. You can use your own if you have a 9 or 12v output on your pedal board. As every P&P products , it comes with a 2-year warranty, parts and service (only 3 months for tubes & power supply). Dimensions : 12 x 10 x 8,5cm


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