The smart Footswitch ! img_FSW

Originally developed for the TwoAmpsOneCab, this footswitch fits with all devices capable of receiving it : amps, effects processors, keyboards ...
It's equipped with a permanent ON / OFF switch

It offers several advantages compared to a conventional footswitch. Firstly, its size : 90 * 38mm. Difficult to make smaller! Then the connection is assigned to the jack ... of your choice! Yep, enough with too short or too long footswitch cable you're forced to wound aroud itself. Here you can choose the length of the cable thanks to the female plug installed on the top cover. You may simply use a standard instrument cable, as the one which connects your guitar to your amp.

In addition, this footswitch has two LEDs indicating the engaged channel : green circuit is open, red : closed. These colors match those used in the TAOC.


I also offer you the choice to design your footswitch the way that best fits your needs : you need DC power on the right side of the box? The jack on both sides? No problem, send me an e-mail when you order and I will change it with no extra cost.

This Footswitch, like other P&P products, comes with a 2-year warranty, parts and service.


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