Tube amps modifications

P&P Amplification, it's also amp modifications. This department has started in October 2017. New amps will be added later. Price include Shipping costs from P&P Shop (France) to your home. A disassembly instruction is provided.

Marshall Class 5Class5

This is the first amp we modified. It's really a great-looking amp, but it has a lot of flaws that I try to work around : you have to turn up the volume knob to get a great sound, there are too much bass frequencies on clean sound, there is no fx loop and not enough gain

Here are the modifications I suggest  :Class5back
  1. 6-positions power attenuator
  2. fx loop
  3. Switch Boost
  4. Switch Clean
  5. Switch Bright
  6. Master Volume

Please watch the video below to get more information. You also find the Marshall Class 5 modified by P&P on the P&P Shop.
Disassembly instruction for shipping your Class 5

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