The ultimate way for silent-recording or playing live!img NOCAB

The NOCAB allows you to play the guitar without any cab or speaker. On Stage or in studio, you'll get five different cab simulations on two symmetricals outputs (jack / xlr) plus one headphone output.

It connects instead of your speaker / cab :  Most of the time by using the speaker output of your amp, or directly on your speaker female cable shoes (with a special cable available on the P&P shop).

Please note that you can connect a cab / speaker on the "Thru" output when using the NOCAB.

For what use ?


4 outputs : Cab (Thru), headphone and 2 balanced  (Jack / xlr) and one input (Amp). On the top, two knobs : Cab simulation and volume. A ground lift switches is present as well. The 5 different cab simulations are:
What are these simulations for? A speaker / cab doesn't reproduce all the frequencies emitted by the amplifier. Speaker simulators feature audio filters to reproduce the frequency range of a speaker, making the sound more truthful. The NOCAB has 5 simulations allowing varied sounds, ranging from vintage to modern, aerated to compressed.

A 120 watt multi-impedance (2 to 16 ohm) load is integrated to keep your amp working safely.

It is fully passive and does not require power.

As every P&P products , it comes with a 2-year warranty, parts and service

Dimensions : 12 x 10 x 8,5cm


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