ower Attenuator 50


The essential companion of your tube ampimg

With the experience gained over the years with the 15,22 and 50w models, I propose you now this power attenuator able to control the output volume of your most powerful amps.

It preserves its T-Bridge technology (like other products in the range), absorbing up to 100w while sound remains transparent even at -30dB. The advantage of this kind of mounting is easy to understand : less you have components through the audio signal, less you have risks of sound distortion and overheating.

A complete & secure equipment

This Power Attenuator allows you to reduce the volume from -12dB to -30dB. Like others P&P Power Attenuator, it has a true bypass and a LOAD BOX mode to disconnect the speaker, and use the output line for monitoring or recording. Output controlled by a volume knob.

The heat sink of the 50w model was replaced by a 80mm fan, which cools the entire effective. This fan doesn't require a power supply. It works if necessary and is very silent.

In every situations

Your neighbors are not  musical ? You would like to control easily the volume of your amp ? You would like to obtain a crunch sound from your clean sound, but you don't have a master volume ? Or you just want to obtain the best of your tubes ? Power Attenuator 100 was made for you !

Caution: Three single impedance models are available : 4,8 and 16 ohms, and two multiple impedances : 4/8 ohms or 8/16 ohms.

Power Attenuator 100 doesn't require a power supply. Like most of our products, it is hand wired point to point (no circuit board).

You'll find on the P&P Shop all the necessary to plug it to your amp.

Dimension : 15*13*5cm


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