15w Power Attenuator

Get the best of your tube amplifier!   


This power attenuator will find his place between your amplifier and its speaker.

By T-Bridge technology, it allows you to turn up the volume to the max, in order to obtain the best of your tubes, while controlling output volume thanks to 5 attenuation positions proposed.

There's no high notes loss, the sound remains transparent, event at -18dB.

In all situations...

In class A, with a Marshall Class 5 amplifier, you'll obtain a nice overdrive at the desired volume.

In class AB, with a Vox AC15 amplifier, or even Fender Blues Junior, you can benefit from hot and round sound at the desired volume.

Be careful : two models are available : 8 ohms and 16 ohms.
Please check on your amplifier.

The attenuator transforms  power in heat, which explains the presence of ventilation holes on each sides of the box. 

Moreover, this attenuator is meant for 15w tube amplifier maximum. If you need more power, please consult our 50/100 model here

Connecting cables, clip for amplifier's handle are optionally available in shop.

 No power supply needs.

 Like the others P&P products, the power attenuator 15 is cabled by point to point (no printed circuit).



Demonstration video :



Attenuation board :

Atténuation -6dB -9dB -12dB -15dB -18dB
Ampli 5w 1,25 0,63 0,31 0,16 0,08
Ampli 10w 2,5 1,25 0,63 0,31 0,16
Ampli 15w 3,75 1,88 0,94 0,47 0,23

For example : a vox AC15 (15w) will develop 0.47w on the -15dB position.

More pictures :


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