ower Attenuator 50


The Power Attenuator in its 50w version! img PA50 front

This Power attenuator uses T-Bridge technology. It absorbs 50w and give you high fidelity sound up to -30dB!  5 positions are proposed to fit to all situations

It has a true bypass and a LOAD BOX mode to disconnect the speaker, and use the output line for monitoring or recording. Output controlled by a volume knob.

Caution: Three single impedance models are available : 4,8 and 16 ohms, and two multiple impedances : 4/8 ohms or 8/16 ohms.

Moreover, this attenuator is only for amplifiers with a maximum power of 50 w.

It does not require power supply.

Like most of our products, it is hand wired point to point (no circuit board).

Dimension : 15*12*6cm



Video test :

More pictures : 

PA50 front

PA50 right

PA50 back

PA50 topright

PA50 topleft

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