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img serial killer

Plug & Play, it's also continuously researching to always stay one step ahead. As a matter of fact, the Serial Killer is the result of a market research on professional guitarists who want to get their pedalboards more flexible to the presence or absence of effects loops in their amps. This kind of product is new, and will eventually find its way into many pedalboards in Europe.

Significant resources are implemented for each product sold in order to find the most qualitative, economical and practical solution. Thus, three different technologies have been tested extensively before marketing the Power Attenuator 50 : a case harboring these three technologies has been created allowing you to switch from one system to another, and therefore able to compare all in the best conditions.

banc d'essai prototype

Those solutions are tested on many amps, heard and validated by many musicians.

Lots of tests have been carried out to reduce the operating temperature : additional heatsink, fan, drill ventilation holes... All these solutions were studied with a temperature sensor.


Another example is
this  full tube overdrive
prototype (12v).

It enables you to switch three different tone stacks, activate, compare different components such as capacitors cathode marks, coupling capacitors (Mallory, Orange Drop), grid resistors ...

The goal is to find the best combination, the highest gain and the best sound. The one that talks to your guts and makes you want to turn the volume all the way up !

There is non need to reinvent the wheel : Theory is one thing, but there is nothing like listening and comparing.

prototype overdrive


I manufacture guitars during my spare time as well, just to keep an ear on the other side of the jack, allowing me to understand and work the sound from the origin to the speaker.

prototype plexi


A huge budget is allocated to research. I have an imoprtant stock of spare components from various origins in order to choose the best solution.

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