Two Amps One Cab (TAOC) V2

At home or on stage, connect two amps to a single cabinet ! img TwoAmpsOneCab

The TwoAmpsOneCab system allows you to connect two amps (heads, combos or both) to a single cabinet, and use every single speakers it contains.

Press the front switch (or optional footswitch) and your guitar will switch from one amp to the other, without any risk of damage for your gear.

This box has a guitar input for two outputs (one per amp) on the front and and two inputs part and one output for cabinet on the backside. The footswitch has it dedicated jack plug as well.

How does it work ?

When you switch from one amp to the other, your guitar signal is re-routed automatically, but there's more : the stand-by amp is then switched to a load resistor that can absorb over 100w. 

Two LEDs show the active channel.

Obvious space saving! And many practical aspects ...

img TAOC front

No need to have multiple speakers at home, or twist yourself to re-wire  your gear : the TAOC system makes your life much more easier!

On stage, with the TwoAmpsOneCab system, you can enjoy your favorite two amps : having a hard time to choose between the Fender clean and Marshall overdrive? Now you can have them both, within minimum space!

An optional footswitch

thanks to the optional footswitch, you switch with no latency from one to the other as easy and fast as an effects footpedal. It uses the standard  6.35 female jack plug. It may be used with the jack of your choice (and thus the desired length).

Handmade-built hardware

The TwoAmpsOneCab system is handmade in France, like all the other P&P products. Particular care is given to the inside wiring, to avoid adding undesirable extra noise to your sound. The power supply (12v, included with TAOC) is also doubly filtered, preserving your sound.

Like all P&P products , TAOC comes with a 2-year warranty, parts and service.

 img TAOC rear


More pictures

img Two Amps One Cab

img Two Amps One Cab rear
img Two Amps One Cab rear
img Two Amps One Cab rear

img Two Amps One Cab rear
img Two Amps One Cab rear

img plug

img plug
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