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Plug & Play Amplification ® is an electric guitar effects / attenuators / accessories brand, mainly designed for guitarists and bass players.

Our special feature is, that all products are handcrafted in France. We are totally independent. All orders are processed from this website. So there's no middleman between builder and customer.

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- 01/06/2021 : -10% on the whole P&P webshop!  read more

- 23/11/2020 : new range of humbuckers!  read more

- 01/11/2020 : COVID-19 info  read more

Our products :                  
Power Attenuator
Routing Overdrive
Cables Recording Pickups
- Power Attenuator 15 - TAOC V2
- Tube Player
- Silent Plug Cable - NOCAB - Stratocaster
- Power Attenuator 22 - Serial Killer II - Tube Booster

- P90
- Power Attenuator 50 - Footswitch - Bass Player

- Humbuckers
- Power Attenuator 100

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