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Power Attenuator Pro

The ultimate workstation for guitar players :  power attenuation, live, recording, playing at home...

With the experience gained over the years with the 15, 22, 50 and 100w models, and also with the Nocab, we would like to introduce you the ultimate workstation for your guitar works! A single box for many applications as a you can see below.

Power Attenuation 

The Power Attenuator Pro keeps the technology we use from the others P&P products.  Sound transparence and quality was our first objective when concepting it. This power attenuator will allow you to reduce the power of your amp until -30dB (6-positions : Off/-10dB/-15dB/-20dB/-25dB/-30dB, Off is a true bypass) on all 130w max power amplifiers (which mean 98% of the world guitar amplifiers production). A 80mm fan cools the entire efficiently. It is still self-powered and turn only when necessary, but you can also connect a power supply (6-12v) if you want to force it to run permanently.

The Power Attenuator Pro is a multi-impedance equipment (4 / 8 / 16 ohms).

Power Attenuator Pro

Recording, playing live, playing at home with headphone...

The Power Attenuator PRO borrow to the Nocab its five cab simualtions on two balanced output (jack + XLR).

Power Attenuator Pro

These balanced outputs allow you to  :
A 6-position selector switch gives you the choice between five cab sims :  What are these simulations for? A speaker / cab doesn't reproduce all the frequencies emitted by the amplifier. Speaker simulators feature audio filters to reproduce the frequency range of a speaker, making the sound more realistic. The Power Attenuator Pro has 5 simulations allowing for a variety of sounds, from vintage to modern, from aerated to compressed.

In every situations

Power Attenuator Pro

Your neighbors are not  musical ? You would like to easily control the volume of your amp ? You would like to obtain a crunch sound from your clean sound, but you don't have a master volume ? You want to record your guitar in silence? Play at home  with headphones? Playing live without a mic in front of your amp?
Or you just want to obtain the best of your tubes ? Power Attenuator 100 was made for you !

Power Attenuator Pro requires no power supply. Like most of our products, it is hand wired point to point (no circuit board).

You'll find everything you need to connect it  to your amp in the P&P Shop.

Dimension : 20*13*6cm

Specs :


video test :

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Power Attenuator Pro
Power Attenuator Pro
Power Attenuator Pro
Power Attenuator Pro
Power Attenuator Pro
Power Attenuator Pro

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