Serial Killer

Now available with a  footswitch in place of toggle switch

Your pedal board fits all situationsimg serial killer

Your pedal board fits all situations

With or without FX loop, a simple switch configure your pedal board!

You own and use several amps? Equipped with or without FX loop? You use effects pedals in a pedal board?

The serial killer will allow you to route the signal in two different ways so that you can use your pedal board in all situations!

A switch that will simplify your life!

The serial killer is a routing system in a pedal format.
It was designed to fit your pedal board to your amp, particularly in the presence or absence of an FX loop:

With serial chain mode, pedals initialements connected in the loop will join those connected in series in the front of the amp.

Now you can switch between Dual Rectifier / JCM2000 (equipped with an FX loop) to a Tiny Terror / AC15 (no FX loop) simply by activating the serial killer switch.

How does it work?

When the amp is equipped with an FX loop, signal routing is done as usual:
one part in the loop (usually the modulation effects), the other in front (IN) of the amp.

img fx loop

When there's no FX loop, the signal routing is modified and all the pedals are connected in series:
The signal first passes through the effects usually placed in front, move in the modulation and finally arrive at the IN of the amplifier.

img no fx loop

Please note that you can use the Serial Killer as a Bypass too :

img bypass

The serial killer doesn't require power supply.

Aluminium housing

Like most of our products, it is wired by hand, in France, point to point (no circuit board).


Additional pictures :

serial killerserial killer

serial killer

Pictures of the Serial Killer with a footswitch :

img SK
img SK
img SK

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