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Full tube overdrive in 9v! img TP

This Tube Player is a vintage overdrive pedal. 

It's smaller than before and works with two preamp tubes in 9 or 12v. It's hand made in the north of France.

No PCB, only point to point wiring, like it was used to on vintage hardware. This type of wiring has proved its reliability and accessibility.

It is powered by Ecc82 (12AU7 JJ Tesla).

More than a simple Overdrive, Tube Player is also a standalone preamp : you can plug it directly in the fx loop of your amp or in a power amp.    

It rocks !

You have 3 knobs as settings : a gain, a tonality and a volume. You have a treble boost too. This apparent simplicity hides a great versatility : as you can hear by listening to the samples below, there are many possibilities : from light funky crunch  to  big overdrive likes Slash do, almost everything is possible.

Brit Pop, Stoner Rock and vintage sounds fans will be charmed by typical tube sound this pedal produces. It may sound like a fuzz if you play with the neck pickup.

Rock and Hard Rock fans will turn down the tone knob and push up the gain to obtain a rough and precise overdrive, perfect to play heavy riff with  high sustain for your solos.

But I invite you to make up your own mind by listening samples below.

Tube Player works in 9 or 12v. Power Supply is include. You can use your own if you have a 9 or 12v output on your pedal board.

As every P&P products , it comes with a 2-year warranty, parts and service (only 3 months for tubes & power supply).

Dimensions : 12 x 10 x 8,5cm


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